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Comment corriger une erreur 502 ? Il existe plusieurs moyens de résoudre une erreur Bad Gateway. Recharger la page. Commençons par les choses simples : la première chose à faire, c'est d'attendre un court laps de temps, et de recharger la page (F5 ou Ctrl + F5 pour vider le cache de cette page).

Why Did I Get a 502 Bad Gateway Error on Nginx and How Can I Fix It?

Note. A 502 Bad Gateway status code can affect the rate at which Googlebot and other crawlers visit the site. If a server is down for a lengthy period while returning a 502 Bad Gateway status code to clients then it can affect the search rankings of the URI and/or site. It is important that if a site is only down temporarily return the 503 Service Unavailable status code instead.

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Go to "Develop" then "Empty Caches." 502 Bad Gateway in NGINX. PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) is a background process for handling web server requests for PHP apps.

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Contact your internet service provider. If your browser, computer, and network are all working and the website reports that the page or site is working for them, the 502 Bad Gateway issue could be caused by a network issue that your ISP is responsible for.

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Redémarrer PHP. Vérifiez s'il y a des problèmes de délai dépassé en PHP. 1. Essayez de recharger la page. L'une des choses les plus faciles et les premières que vous devriez essayer lorsque vous rencontrez une erreur 502 Bad Gateway est simplement d'attendre une minute ou plus et de recharger la page (F5 ou Ctrl + F5).

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In this case, clearing the browser cache can offer a 502 Bad Gateway fix. Keep in mind that removing cached files might result in losing important browser data, including bookmarks and setting preferences. To prevent this, simply export your data from the browser and import it back after. 4. Try in the Incognito Mode.

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First, locate the file to run the browser, and then type the complete path in quotation marks in the command line. Every browser manufacturer has a different command for starting the safe mode: Firefox: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode.

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1. Refresh your browser. It sounds too simple, but in some cases where the server is overloaded with requests, sending a few more requests by refreshing the browser a few times can sometimes help reset the connection between the device and server, allowing you to resume browsing. 2. Clear your browser's cache.

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Un CDN ou un pare-feu peut également provoquer une erreur 502. Désactivez le CDN ou le pare-feu et voyez si votre site Web fonctionne. Rallumez - les et vérifiez si vous voyez à nouveau l'erreur 502 afin de savoir que le pare-feu ou le CDN en est la cause. Contactez le CDN ou le pare-feu pour résoudre le problème. 8.

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Have you encountered the 502 Bad Gateway error? While it can be annoying to encounter, there are multiple solutions available.

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Check if the Site Is Down for Other People Whenever you fail to reach a site (for whatever reason), you can also check if it's just you that's having a problem connecting, or if other people are having the same trouble.

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